When is Gacha Life 2 Coming Out?

Gacha Life 2 Release Date
Recently, A post is published by Lumine Games which says that Gacha Life 2 is in development. After that many people are searching for Gacha Life 2 release date so after reading the whole article, I am sharing Gacha Life 2 release date for both PC and Mobile with all of you friends.
Gacha Life 2 is an upcoming Role playing game which is developed and published by Lunime Games. This is the next part of Gacha Life 1 game which becomes very successful for Lunime Games.
Lunime Games is releasing Gacha Life 2 instead of upgrading Gacha Life 1 because they feared it would result in many bugs and players being unable to play. So Lunime Games decided to make a whole new game called Gacha Life 2 with many more features to utilize.
This is all information about Gacha Life 2 game. You know when will Gacha Life 2 come out below. You can also check out features of Gacha Life 2 game below. You can also checkout Borderlands 3 Skins/Heads and other similar articles in our Borderlands 3 page.

Gacha Life 2 Release Date

The name of Gacha Life 2 game is changed to Gacha Club. According to our sources, Gacha Club is coming out in January 2020. It will be released for Android, iOS and Windows OS.

Gacha Life 2 Features

You can check out amazing features of Gacha Life 2 game for Android, iOS, and PC below.

  • Extra Character Slots Changed from 12 to 20
  • Increased Amount of Colors from 120 to 336
  • Skin tone Will Include all 336 colors
  • Pets Added / Pets will be color customizable
  • Extra Customization (extra hat, other,2 accessories,2 glasses
  • Back Clothing Customizable (Back Sleeve, glove, pants, shoe, eye)
  • New Items added to customizable
  • New Preset Characters
  • Fashion Showdown added (Battle Mode)
  • Fashion Character Gacha Added (gacha for units to level up)
  • Chat will be harder to access
  • Gifting System will be offline (but many new gifts will be given out)
  • Preset Outfits
  • Add Hatsya
  • Mounts – You can easily put your favorite character on a horse, car and other similar things.

This is all the information we have about Gacha Life 2 game. If you found this article helpful then please share it with your friends so that they can also know about Gacha Life 2 game. If you think there is an error in this article then comment below. We will try to solve the error as soon as possible.


  1. Hi, I’m a gigantic fan of Gacha life. I’m really excited for the second one to come out! All my friends are as excited as me!


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