How to Play Rush Wars in Any Country

Play Rush Wars in Any CountryRecently, Supercell has released a beta version of their new game Rush Wars. This Rush Wars Beta is available in only a few countries which are Canada, Australia, and New Zealand. Currently, you can only play Rush Wars if you’re living in one of these countries. But still, there are millions of fans Supercell games outside these countries so I am sharing a tutorial which will help you play Rush Wars in the United States and all other countries. You can play Rush Wars by following step-by-step instructions below.

How to Play Rush Wars in Any Country

You can play Rish Wars on your Android or iOS device by following steps below.

Play Rush Wars in Any Country (Android)

  1. First of all, Download Rush Wars APK on your Android phone by Clicking Here.
  2. Now Download Express VPN from Google Play Store by Clicking Here.
  3. After downloading Rush Wars VPN, Open it on your phone.
  4. Now connect to Australia or Canada or New Zealand server.
  5. Now install the Rush Wars APK which you have downloaded in the first step.
  6. Enjoy playing Rush Wars in your country.

Note: You only need Rush Wars VPN for the first time. After that, you can play with your original IP address.

Play Rush Wars in Any Country (iPhone)

  1. First of all, for playing Rush Wars on your iPhone, you will need to change your country in the Apple App Store. You can do that by following steps below.
  2. Go to Settings and tap on iTunes and App Store.
  3. Now click on your Apple ID: Your Email and after that click on View Apple ID.
  4. Now click on Country/Region.
  5. Now click on Change Country or Region.
  6. Now select a new Country. You can select from Canada, Australia, and New Zealand.
  7. After that, Agree with Terms and Conditions.
  8. Now enter information such as Name, Address, and Payment Method. You can use Fake Address Generator to get the required information.
  9. Now go to App Store and download Rush Wars on your iPhone.
  10. Enjoy playing!

Countries Supported:

Italy(Italia), United States, Mexico, United Kingdom, Turkey, Germany, Thailand and many more!
Now you can play Rush Wars in any country on both Android and iOS devices without any problems. If you are facing any problems in playing Rush Wars in your country then comment below. We will try to solve your problems as soon as possible.If you found this tutorial helpful then please share it with your friends so that they can also play Rush Wars on their phone.


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