Overhit Tier List 2019

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Overhit Tier List
Recently, Overhit released globally for Android and iOS devices. Now anyone can play Overhit game from any place in the world. Overhit is one of popular Role Playing Game in Google Play Store and Apple App Store. Within a few days of its release, the Overhit game is played by millions of players from all around the World. But some people are asking me Overhit Tier List so I am sharing Overhit SSR and SR Tier List with all of you.
This Overhit tier list is created by top players of Overhit game so I am sure that you will like this tier list. I am sure that after following this Overhit tier list, Your Overhit gaming experience will be improved. This Overhit Reroll tier list will be updated every week to improve your gaming experience. You can check out Overhit Tier List with their Campaign, Arena, Raid and much more information below.

Overhit Tier List

The Tier List of Overhit game is given below.

S Rank Heroes

  • Anemone
  • Riah

A+ Rank Heroes

  • Aglaea
  • Edmund
  • Ludmila

A Rank Heroes

  • Alex
  • Angelo
  • Aria
  • Ash
  • Beatrice
  • Blossom
  • Celesta
  • Colette
  • Demian
  • Elphie
  • Emodin
  • Esta
  • Gleck
  • Gordon
  • Helena
  • Hien
  • Jack
  • Jasper
  • Jinkai
  • Leika
  • Luna
  • Malpion
  • Ophelia
  • Reiz
  • Ren
  • Shoumei
  • Sophia
  • Teze
  • Yggdrasil

B Rank Heroes

  • Alcon
  • Alter
  • Amati
  • Black Mary
  • Brunhild
  • Cicero
  • Darkhell
  • Surt
  • Niflheim
  • Eleonore
  • Elizabeth
  • Gigamachina

C Rank Heroes

  • Gleck
  • Gomuske
  • Harima
  • Leon
  • Machaon
  • Mina
  • Nekoroid
  • Picaso
  • Proxy
  • Redmachina
  • Shinobi
  • Teramachina
  • Victoria
  • Yuri

Unknown Heroes

  • Ludmila
  • Caska
  • Czerni
  • Turgen
  • Hekate
  • Kojiro
  • Dominique
  • Reina

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