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Gacha Club is an online game that allows you to create or animate characters of your choice and dress up them with the fashion outfits of your choice. It provides you a large number of shirts, dresses, weapons, and hairstyles to choose from while dressing up your characters. You can enter into the studio of Gacha Club to create an imaginative scene after designing your characters finally. You can create a perfect story by using a background from hundreds of backgrounds provide with this online game.

When you use the Life mode of this game then you can met several new friends and explore a variety of areas and learn about them by chatting with NPCs to surprise you. It also allows you to collect gems and play mini-games to add gifts in your collection offered by Gacha. In this way, you can avail of limitless opportunities by downloading Gacha Club on your PC.

If you want to play Gacha Club then instead of playing it on a small screen of your phone you should play it on the larger screen of your PC. The mouse and keyboard of your PC will allow you to have full control of your game and play it like a professional player.

Download Gacha Club For PC

You can download Gacha Club on your PC by using LD Player. Gacha Club can be downloaded in a few simple steps like

1 . First of all, Download LD Player from their official website. [Click to Download]

2. Now Install LD Player on your PC.

3. Now download Gacha Club APK file. [Click to Download]

4. Now double-click on downloaded APK file.

5. After that, Gacha Club will start installing in your PC. Enjoy Playing!

You can play Gacha Club again on your PC by opening LD Player on your PC. The main reason behind using LD Player for downloading Gacha Club on your PC is that it has been used by millions of people for this purpose and having the best experience of playing this game. Along with Gacha Club, you can also use this app for downloading and playing thousands of online games smoothly on your android devices because of the visualization techniques used in this app.

After downloading the Gacha Club you can start playing it as long as you want or the battery of your PC permits you. The app LD Player can be used to play this game on your PC by using the best keymapping system already set on your PC as well as your skills

Features of Gacha Club

Since the day when Lunime games announced the release of Gacha Life, all the fans are waiting eagerly to get to know about the new features. Some reports say that Gacha Club is going to be a bigger hit than Gacha Life as Lunime games have introduced some new features. So here is the list of all the new features in Gacha Club:

• In the new Gacha Club, players will get extra character spots as the developer have the changed the numbers from 12 to 20

• Players loved the pets in the game’s first installment, in Gacha 2 the pets will also be able to talk. Apart from this, new pets are also added and you can easily customize them with different colors

• In Gacha Club, you will also be to customize and change your hand gestures. This is one of the new features that were not present in the first part

• Unlike Gacha Club, you will also be able to mount on your cars, dogs, and horses.

• Lunime games have focused more on characters and customization in Gacha Club. They are introducing new battle mode characters and you can also customize them

• In the first version, only 120 colors were available but in Gacha Club, Lunime games have introduced 216 new colors, which means you can customize anything by using 336 colors

• All the 336 colors can also be used to customize the skin of any character and apart from this, new customization options are also included. For example- In Gacha Club, you will get an extra hat, 2 accessories, 2 sunglasses, and some other stuff

• New clothing wear is added, you will be able to wear back sleeve, pants, shoes, gloves, and an eye

• The chat feature was loved by many players, in Gacha Club, it will become harder to access chat and the gifting system will be offline (many new interesting gifts will be given out)

These were some of the main features that you will see in the Gacha Club. So after discussing the main things, here are some questions regarding Gacha Club that most people have in their minds.

What is Gacha Club?

When the Lunime Games announced the release of Gacha Club, there were some rumors that its name will be changed to Gacha Club. Though at first, fans were very surprised about this and most people were not accepting this. But after some time, Lunime Games also said that Gacha Club will be joined together with Gacha Club. When people asked about this unexpected merge, then the developers said that they are only doing this to make the name of the game bigger. And now it is confirmed that the official name of the game will be Gacha Club and the Lunime Games will release it for IOS, Android and Windows.

What Will Be Price Of Gacha Club?

This is one of the most asked questions and there are much confusion regarding this. This question was trending on all social media platforms and due to the huge popularity and fan following of Gacha Life, most gaming experts were saying that this time, Lunime Games will put some price tag in the upcoming Gacha Club but the good thing is that it’s not true at all. Lunime games have confirmed that Gacha Club will be free of cost and people can enjoy it without paying money.


Gacha Life has become a very big name in the gaming industry and people are very excited about its sequel release. So if you loved Gacha Life, then this sequel might entertain you more than the first one did. All the information regarding the release and the game is mentioned above. Hope this article will solve some of your queries and will give some helpful information.


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