Minecraft Bees – How to Make Beehive in Minecraft

Recently in Minecraft, Bees, Bee Nests and Bee Hives are added. If you want to create a beehive in Minecraft then you have reached the right place because I am sharing step-by-step instructions which will help you make a little house to store honey bees and harvest the honeycomb.
Minecraft Bees

How to Make Bee Hive in Minecraft

Creating a Beehive in Minecraft is not very difficult but still, most people don’t know about creating Bee Hive in Minecraft. You can make Bee Hive by following steps below.

Step 1: Finding the Bees and Nests

First of all, We need some bees to create Beehive in Minecraft. The bees are located in areas with a lot of flowers. If you successfully find some bees then look around for their nests. Mostly Honey Bees have Nests under trees so look under all the nearest trees. After finding the Bees and their nests, You can continue to step 2.

Step 2: Bread the Bees

Now we will need to sure that bees fill their nests with honey so that we can harvest from it. Now we will need to encourage the bees to bread which will result in more bees and money honey so we will harvest flowers from nearest areas and give them to bees.

Step 3: Harvest the Honeycomb

Once nest starts dipping with honey, We will then harvest it with shears. This will make the bees angry so make sure to have a flower ready or to run for it.

Step 4: Craft the Beehive

Each Bee Nest will give you three honeycombs and that’s exactly the amount of it you need to create a Bee Hive!. You will also need 6 planks of wood.

Now you have successfully created the Beehive. You can bring more bees by harvesting the flowers from nearest areas and placing them of the area where you want to bring bees. After that place, the Beehive on the ground and now bees will enter.


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